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with Hannah Easterwood

After working with hundreds of brides over 9 years in the industry, I started branching out into educating hairstylists on bridal hairstyling. It's no secret that bridal styling is not focused on in cosmetology school, so many bridal hairstylists are self-taught. Continuing education is so incredibly important no matter how much experience you have, and I absolutely LOVE sharing my knowledge and passion for bridal hairstyling with other stylists of all skill levels. I offer a variety of education options, from salon classes to one-on-one to virtual.


Salon Classes

Salon classes are offered on location for groups of 7 or more! I customize the class according to what your stylists want to learn and focus on, and you can choose if you'd like demo only or hands-on. You can choose to keep the class private for your stylists or open it to other hairstylists in the area!


Studio Sessions

Studio classes are held in my salon studio located in Canton, Georgia. I can accommodate 1-2 stylists for these classes, and I customize the class to focus on topics and looks that you want to learn. Studio classes can be demo only or hands on!


Virtual Sessions

If you're interested in education, but you're not local to North Georgia, I offer video call classes! These are one-on-one sessions that focus on styles of your choice!

Ready to learn?

Contact me, and let's get started!

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