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Reasons you should utilize clip-in extensions for your bridal or bridesmaid hairstyle:
Length - the obvious! Extensions are a great way to add length if you choose a down style, braid, or half-up style!

Volume - If you have fine hair (or even if you don't) and want to add fullness to your style, extensions are your quick and easy solution! You can never go wrong with using a full set, or choosing an updo weft to add some extra volume! 

Longevity - My number one reason I recommend extensions! Extensions hold curl SO WELL! If you have curl resistant hair or you're worried about humidity, quality extensions area a guaranteed way to increase longevity of your style. No more worrying about how your hair is going to look by the end of the night!

Flexibility - Clip-ins will always be my preferred extension method for bridal styling. They are the only type of extensions that I can move and adjust on the wedding day to accommodate your style without them being visible. They increase your style options instead of decreasing your options like some other extension types!

I offer high quality, 100% human hair extensions for purchase. There are 21 and 24 inch options as well as an updo weft.

Contact me to set up a consultation/color match appointment today!

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