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Meet Hannah

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Hey, y'all!
I'm Hannah!

I'm a Georgia girl - born and raised, and I love my little mountain town known as Jasper.

I decided to pursue cosmetology right after graduating high school, and I never looked back. I'm now a licensed cosmetologist with over 9 years of experience.


This is so much more than just a job to me. It has truly become my passion to make my clients feel like the most beautiful version of themselves - inside and out! It's about my clients, their stories, and creating a unique bond with every person that sits in my chair. I want to be your hairstylist bestie!


I left the salon setting to specialize solely in bridal hairstyling in 2018, and I also love sharing my knowledge and passion with other bridal hairstylists and offer various types of bridal hair education.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Wesley, and together we have two beautiful daughters, Ava and Adalynn, and two fur babies (huge animal lovers over here!)

I feel so blessed and honored to have worked with so many fabulous ladies and to have the opportunity to work in my dream industry!

Thanks for stopping by!

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A few fun facts about me:

  • I'm a coffee addict. I love Starbucks, but I also love supporting local coffee shops.

  • I am obsessed with country music (LOVE a trip to Nashville.) I was raised on 90's country, and no one will ever convince me that it's not the best country there ever was!

  • We are huge Georgia fans. GO DAWGS!

  • I love to travel and spend time outdoors.

  • My favorite color is turquoise.

  • I'm a HUGE animal lover - specifically dogs and farm animals.

  • My favorite movies of all time are The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan edition,) The Proposal,  Miss Congeniality, and The Princess Diaries.

  • I was a dancer/dance teacher my entire life until I had two knee surgeries in 2018.

  • Most importantly, I'm a Christian, and my ultimate goal is for my clients to see Jesus through me.

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